We are a center of family and couple therapy is dedicated to providing the paths of healing and understanding.

In each meeting, we are dedicated to untie emotional knots to knit ties strong and long lasting the fabric of family relations and couple.

We open doors to a family life filled with understanding and genuine affection. We are pioneers in applying the integrative approach of the Method, Feel-Think-Act, a therapeutic path that embraces every aspect of the human experience, from the currents deepest of our emotions to the thoughts that define us, and the actions that make us. 

Gabriela Araujo

Therapist Systemic Family Violence specialist Domestic

Throughout these 6 years, I have been able to work with children, adolescents in therapy sessions...and training workshops to support you in moments where their parents don't know how to help them.

It was then when something changed in my...

In 2021 I see psychotherapy as the only way to help the families related to aggressive behaviors, hence I decided to transform my method, Feel Think Act. Family therapy understand the family as a system, a set of people in constant interaction. The first to which we belong – we are able to understand the importance it has for the person, the place, the way in which it relates, how to manage problems in the bosom of that family particular, the values and beliefs that are shared, the customs and traditions that have been passed

The result is a simple method where I help you to heal your family history and begin to rewrite the story of your life and the lives of your children.

I will be glad to help you, Gabriela

The result is a simple method where I help you to heal your family history and begin to rewrite the story of your life and the lives of your children.

If you're tired of feeling that you repeat patterns, and you don't understand because... If you would like to discover tools transformational that empower parents to educate children authentic, confident, and aware.

Family Feel, Think, Act

Born from a personal need to change the look of the single-parent family by helping parents get the resources to manage the challenges of having children and to educate in a respectful manner supported in a system to win-win. 

The PROGRAM OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND FAMILY GUIDANCE  supports education through learning games. Since it is proven that learning through play is much more effective than any other system. 

The goal is that all families can enjoy a health emotional stable, which allows them to continue to grow at the youth to become responsible adults, and committed. We share the same idea, FATHERS AND MOTHERS COME WITHOUT MANUAL.


Be the leader in Family Therapy:
We seek to be recognized as the leader in family therapy, destacándonos for excellence in our services, the commitment to the well-being of families and the continuous innovation in our practices therapeutic.

Contribute to the Development of Linkages Healthy:
We envision a future in which our therapeutic interventions contribute significantly to the development of linkages healthy and loving in all of the families that we serve.

To promote the Love as a Fundamental Pillar:
We project as a space where love is the mainstay in all of our interactions, both between the members of our team and the relationships we build with families who rely on us.


To reinforce the joint Family:
In a Family Feel-Think-Act, our primary mission is to strengthen family ties, promoting an environment of mutual understanding, respect and mutual support.

Fostering Family Values:
We are committed to promote and preserve the fundamental values of the family, creating spaces that promote ethics, solidarity and responsibility.

To help you in the Search of Family Welfare:
We work to guide families in their search for the emotional well-being and psychological, providing tools and effective strategies to overcome challenges and build a family life full.

Start your Journey to the Harmony Family Today

Don't wait any longer to take the first step toward a family life more connected and emotionally healthy!

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